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Nathan Bragan

Personal Trainer

Hi I'm Nathan.

I have been in the Fitness Industry for 4 years and I have experience in Weightlifting for many years of keeping fit for myself and mental health state I also have the knowledge of teaching Fitness Classes including lifting weights from functional and forms of Met con style training and giving people Programmes and Pt Sessions working around their capabilities around certain fitness levels and basic ways of training to losing weight and building muscle.

I have been training since my early teen years from Karate, boxing and Bodybuilding I have gained a much more liked approach to fitness over the past years gone and I hope I can help in any way possible to my specifications I have gained since working here at Core Fitness and Wellness gym I hope you're here to stay.

To contact me, phone the gym on 0151 327 6660 or email us on

0151 327 6660

Nathan Bragan
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