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Istvan Joo

Personal Trainer

Hi! I'm Istvan.

I am a fully qualified personal trainer. I've always had a passion for health and fitness so 3 years ago I decided to use my knowledge and got a PT certification, just to make it official. I've been training since I was young, and my previous career required me to keep healthy and fit as a police officer/detective had to run and grapple on a regular basis. I also like to keep my mind healthy, not just my body doing meditation, yoga, swimming etc. I like challenges, to keep educating myself especially working with clients with different injuries health problems etc, so I can expand my knowledge do researchers to help you heal, get stronger and of course to help and guide you on your fitness journey.

To contact me, phone the gym on 0151 327 6660 or email us on

0151 327 6660

Istvan Joo
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