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We offer a compact but extremely effective group personal training class timetable here at core fitness centre. We run personal training classes as the instructors like to be hands on to help every member within the class to get the most out of them. We have designed a time table that caters for all interests and goals, whether you are looking to look/feel better, work on posture or just looking for something different and challenging. Our group personal training membership also gives you full access to the gym and also includes the option for regular health/body composition checks to make sure you are staying on track with your goals. Check out the legend below for more information on the classes we offer and what to expect from each of them. For more information on this membership use the contact button below to send us a message.


45 mins of spin drills and ab thrills, working on your stamina, power and abdominal endurance this high calorie burning class will ensure you leave with a sweat on


Not for the faint hearted


This is a high intensity class with elements of HIIT & Cross-fit drills including rowers ski erg and barbell exercises, you will be coached through technique to ensure you have a full body workout...

just hope you keep up with the pace!


This high rep total body workout using a barbell is bound to leave you pumped and toned covering all major muscle groups ensuring you get a total body workout.



Turn and burn Circut

This high intensity class combines a 50/50 split of fast furious spin bike sprints and drills 🚴

circuits designed to make sure you have a high intensity workout.

22833621_10159521583445261_309368797_o (1).jpg


Working on all aspects of strength, toning and endurance exercises.this class is a weights based circuit covering every muscle group and leaving you feeling satisfied you have pushed yourself to the max. this class is great for building muscle & toning.


this high intensity class is set to test your power, endurance and coordination. high calorie burn exercises with elements of pad and bag work for any level

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